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Combining proven traditional and online methods to achieve Excellent Learning.

Excellent Learning plans, designs, creates, and delivers courses that combine best in class content, technology, and top teaching pedagogy delivered by professional Canadian teachers, to maximize digital and blended learning outcomes.

Effective and engaging
micro-courses that set your staff
on the path for success.

Goal-driven courses that provide relevant information for better job performance, accelerated success, team cohesion, and immediate results. Investing in your team, invests in organizational success.

Essential training
to handle food safely, minimizing
the risk of foodborne illness.

600 million people a year fall victim to foodborne illness. This course provides the knowledge, skills, and confidence to safely handle food from beginning to end. Its content helps to identify and understand best practices to prevent specific foodborne illnesses, and other hazards. The understanding provided in this course is essential to handling food to protect the public or your family. Level 1 is suitable for organizations and individuals.

Take hold of your own
growth and destiny. Impactful courses
to boost your skills and achieve your goals.

Lifelong learning to achieve personal growth and improve your overall well-being. Courses that give you the tools to strengthen your skills and maximize your potential to become the best version of yourself. Increase your efficiency and effectiveness, while reducing stress and live a more balanced life.

Optimized Learning that fulfills
organizational needs and
enhances your team’s strengths.

Content is king but to be truly effective, it must be well structured by a teaching professional using technology and differentiated instruction. Excellent Learning provides the services for every part of this formula to optimize training. Most successful organizations use professional and cutting-edge knowledge to push growth and a competitive edge in every department. Training, the foundation of organizational growth and excellence, often has quality content, but is the one department which is not professionally deployed.

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